Aubade art. Danse des Sens 70B 75C 75D 80B 80D / 2 mudelit!

The Danse des Sens line, all in floral lace, brings a wave of refined seduction. This lace is accentuated by a rich and delicate floral design and elaborately worked scalloping. It is reintepreted here in the seasonal colour Pink Pulsion, a bright, glowing fuchsia.


push up rinnahoidja/moulded plunge  bra

laos / in stock   70B 75C 80B 80D  


tugikaartega õhuke rinnahoidja / half cup bra

laos / in stock   75C 75D



laos / in stock       XS   S    M    L 




St. Tropez brief 

laos / in stock     XS  S   M 

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