Aubade art. L´indomptable kolmnurkne rinnahoidja/triangle bra M L/ harness – üks suurus sobib kõigile


L´indomptable combines character-packed graphic embroidery with sensual mesh. Bondage codes are revamped through original tie detailing in crossover motifs below the underbust bands of the bras and on the back of briefs. Gold-tone rings decorate all of the products and brighten up the line. 



kolmnurkne rinnahoidja ilma tugikaarteta / soft triangle bra

laos / in stock 

M (70D 70E 75A 75B 75C)

L (75D 80A 80B 80C)





sobib kõigi sama sarja pükstega/can be worn with all briefs from same line

laos / in stock 

üks suurus sobib kõigile – reguleeritav/ one size fits all

Saada meile päring selle mudeli kohta