Chantelle art. Soft Stretch ERINEVAD MUDELID

Õhuke, üliveniv, pehme materjal. Tänu suurepärasele elastsusele ja kergusele sobib suurustele XS – XL 

This line offers a second skin effect that makes you feel as if you aren’t wearing anything. Innovation = Made of very stretchy material, these briefs adapt perfectly to all body shapes from sizes S-XL. Innovative process retains fabric’s stretch. Very soft fabric for optimum comfort. Seam free around the waist and legs for complete invisibility. Generous coverage over the tummy and bottom. 100% cotton lined gusset. 


tanga(tumesinine/dark blue)

laos/in stock   XS – XL




kõrge pihaosaga stringid (must/black)

laos/in stock   XS – XL




kõrge pihaosaga püksid / high waist brief


laos/in stock   XS – XL



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