ELIE SAAB x Aubade art. My Desire 2 mudelit (suurusi ja mudeleid tuleb juurde!)

 Elie Saab puts the feminine signature of Aubade into a glamorous light. With a deep understanding of female shapes, the sophisticated “broderie francaise” creates a second skin of ornaments that seemingly merges into the female body. Sculptural ornaments are infused with shimmering golden lurex embroidery and contrast with sheer tulle to evoke a sensual interplay of transparence and concealment. with golden applique and details this collecion creates a glamorous ode to the female body.


kolmnurkne rinnahoidja ilma tugikaarteta / triangle bra

laos / in stock 

  S (70A 70B 70C)

M (70D 70E 75A 75B 75C)

L(75D 80A 80B 80C)


push up rinnahoidja / plunge bra

laos / in stock   80B



laos / in stock       XS   S    M    L   XL




laos / in stock     XS  S   M  L  XL   


sukahoidja / suspender belt

laos / in stock        M  

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