Pleasure State Couture art. Sicily 70D 75B 75C 75DD 80C 80D 80DD


  Bringing back the most loved Couture range: Sicily. The once delicate lace is now

a striking embroidery and the briefs are modernised with no visible panty lines coverage.

Combining delicate lace, bold embroidery, intricate
trims and a sprinkle of Swarovski crystals, Sicily is the epitome of

modern glamour. Featuring a demi cup that gives a naturally sexy lift and Pleasure State

signature Swarovski sleek gold buckles. 


õhukese polstriga balkonett rinnahoidja / contourbalconnet bra

laos/in stock   70D 75B 75C 75DD 80C 80D 80DD



laos/in stock    XS  S  M  L



brasiilia lõikega püksid / brazilian

laos/in stock    XS  S  M  L  XL


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